We choose our affiliations carefully…

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We are affiliated with Go Beyond Natural because:

  • They have combined the best of 2 amazing companies under one roof – Chae’ Organics and  OneBode.
  • They sell products made with organic, Ecocert, ToxicFree® and all-natural ingredients, which are some of the most scrutinized in the world.
  • Both are a trusted resource for information on ToxicFree® living.
  • They offer their VIP members a discount on their purchases of at least 30% and when they, as members, refer  products to their friends and family, they earn a cash back reward based on what their friends buy for as long as they buy! So not only are they buying healthier products but as they spread the word they can make a few dollars. Not necessary, but a perk.
  • They bring you products that have already been vetted by 3rd parties and this takes the guesswork out of  making the transition to ToxicFree® living by making it simple for you to shop safe and save.
  • There is no fee to become a VIP member, there is always a freebie and through the educational calls, they provide knowledge about the products but also avenues for finding other safe products as well.
  • By doing all these things they are making homes, offices, classrooms, gyms, you name the venues… safer places for you and your loved ones.
  • Here is the site www.MyToxicFreeClub.com so you can check it out.

Watch this video which explain some of the reasons why are fired up and we have made the switch to toxic free.

  1. The Truth About Toxins– Once you learn you cannot unlearn the truth.

Other videos will follow, feel free to continue to watch and if making small changes for your family are is something that is of interest to you, contact us and we will happy to get you started down that path with the right affiliates.

Will there be other affiliates added?

Possibly.  MyToxicFreeClub is always looking for other companies who are forward thinking and are clean, safe and organic companies that can provide the same type of product and level of service the current companies we are already with do.  So keep checking as we review products and bring you articles and blogs with the intent of making your ToxicFree journey an easy, stress-free and enjoyable experience.


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