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Keep your skin smooth, healthy and hydrated with our allover moisturizer or build a gradual, natural-looking tan that is actually good for your skin! While you do this, provide your skin deep tissue protection for use under sunscreen or moisturizer and rejuvenate your body with the most powerful known antioxidant, and the only one native to your own body.

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The Healthy Home Company product line was undergoing some changes!

Was undergoing changes and now is gone?

The Autumn Sale Event that began Thursday, September 17th and featured 30% – 50% off pricing for Body, Body for Children, Children’s Chewable, Advance Omega 3, Fortify, Home and Hand Sanitizer, Family Shampoo, Coffee, Men’s 2 in 1, most Chae Organics products and all Living Nature Products is now over.  The Sale ran until all inventory was depleted.

The company stated that : “While the changes take place some of the current best sellers will continue to be sold online (Clean, Wash, and Flo, for example). Some of the products are being reformulated to ensure maximum effectiveness and cost-competitiveness (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and skincare products, for example). Some of the products are being permanently discontinued (Living Nature cosmetics and Chae Organics products, for example).

The company name and mission will not be altered, as these are the cornerstones of our identity. However, the Healthy Home Company brand will get a fresh look and feel. This includes the website, bottles, packaging, product descriptions and much more! We are looking forward to unveiling the Healthy Home Company’s new look at the end of the Autumn Sale Event.

The products that are being reformulated or discontinued will be offered during the Autumn Sale Event, which launches Thursday, September 17th. This will be your last chance to buy some of these products through Healthy Home, so you are encouraged to stock up on those favorites before they are going, going, gone!”

Autum sale 9.17

However, it was unfortunate for a lot of us to find out that the site is no longer active at all, so if you held an account with them or if you were a customer and are looking for product, do not despair… I can help you connect with the formulator of their products.  Follow these links learn about the changes and how to register as a member (free of charge) What’s the Fuss all About? or New Year…Same Amazing Mission!

As for me, once you learn something, you can’t unlearn it… So I will still be furthering the cause of clean eating, clean products and helping families rid their homes and environments of chemicals!  So continue to look for me, your health, wellness and toxic free coach in a home near you!

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