40 looks good on me

40 looks good on me. Easy to age gracefully when you use toxicfree MyToxicFreeClub.com products and wear Crunchi make up. All of it certified organic and glorious.
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Drumroll please! We are live!

The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For! Our new website, GoBeyondNatural.com is now live! Share this announcement with your circle of influence to spread the word! VIP Rewards, Tell-a-Friend program, Affiliate Tools and Real Customer Stories are just the tip of the iceberg for what this new website offers.

open for business

From today forward, make sure to direct all your friends and family to shop using the Go Beyond Natural replicated link provided to you, in this case- MyToxicFreeClub.com.

We have many improvements and additions slated over the coming months, but we would love to hear your feedback today! If you have comments, praise or questions, email us at customercare@gobeyondantural.com
Subject Line: New Go Beyond Natural Website Feedback.

From everyone at the Go Beyond Natural team, we just want to thank you for your patience as we’ve been hard at work getting this site ready for you! Thank you and here’s to a prosperous and ToxicFree year!

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New Year…Same Amazing Mission!

Brand New Year – Brand New Site as of January 5th!

Ring in the New Year with Go Beyond Natural! The new site will launch this Tuesday, January 5th, so you can kick-start your year with a site designed to help us share our ToxicFree® mission and offer you the same (if not better) ToxicFree® products in the business!

We very much appreciate your support and patience while the new site has been under development. We decided to push the launch out to January 4th, to make sure that you had the full force of our customer and technical support as you share the new site with your Circles of Influence.

site goes live

As a thank you for being our amazing VIPs, we’ll be gifting everyone who makes a purchase on the new site January 5 through January 10 with a free 8 oz sanitizer (a $15 value), to help you keep germs at bay the natural way!

free sanitizer to say thank you

Still have not joined our membership rewards club? No worries, it is free and best of all, you can do so anytime…  Just follow this link- MyToxicFreeClub.com and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the following image.

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Here is some information about the 2 ways you can earn rewards while shopping for products (just as other retail stores offer).


You can make a difference in the lives and the health of your friends.

Friends helping friends live healthier is not just rewarding, it can really pay off.

Go Beyond Natural is different. We have designed one of the most exciting referral programs in the world to reward you and your friends for what you do every day, talk about great products. When you refer a friend you earn cash rewards of 10% based on what they buy – Every Single Time They Buy – For As Long As They Buy. And, it is FREE to join.



Friends helping friends live healthier is not just rewarding, it can really pay off.

Our affiliate program is one of the most lucrative ways for you to educate your circle of influence about safer products and ToxicFree® living. It is very simple and rewards you for taking ToxicFree® living more seriously. This program is designed to help you earn a part-time or full-time income while helping others to do the same. Learn more (link)

You will get your own Go Beyond Natural Website and all the tools you need to spread the word for a monthly access fee of $5. (You will not be charged for the first 30 days).

Happy ToxicFree®Shopping!
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Be in the know- GoBeyond Natural


Did you know when the term “fragrance” is listed on a product label it can indicate the presence of up to 4,000 separate ingredients, including many that are toxic, carcinogenic or endocrine disruptors? Fragrance crafters use more than 5,000 different ingredients, but only about 1,300 of those ingredients have actually been tested and evaluated for safety.

Meanwhile, clinical observations have proven that fragrances can negatively affect the central nervous system, and reports to the FDA add headaches, dizziness, rashes, skin discoloration, violent coughing, vomiting and allergic skin reactions to the list of potential health risks posed by the chemicals used in fragrances.

The European Union takes a strict stance on the use of many fragrance ingredients, restricting the use of certain known toxic ingredients such as nitromusks, and requiring warning labels on products that contain known allergens. However, according to U.S. regulatory bodies, fragrance formulations are considered “trade secrets,” so their disclosure is not required on product labels, and the industry is largely self-regulated.nitromusks, and requiring warning labels on products that contain known allergens. However, according to U.S. regulatory bodies, fragrance formulations are considered “trade secrets,” so their disclosure is not required on product labels, and the industry is largely self-regulated.

Fragrances pollute the air to a greater extent than smoke from tobacco users, because the use of scented products is much more common. Just think about it. How many of the products you use every day contain a fragrance?

Skin Care (Lotions, Scrubs, Serums)
Body Care (Soaps, Deodorants, Sunscreens, Bug Sprays)
Hair Care (Shampoos, Conditioners and Styling Products)
Household (Dish Soap, Window Cleaner, Detergents & Furniture Polish)
While it may seem easy to ditch your perfume/cologne and thereby escape the problem, the reality is not so simple, especially when you factor in the fact that you’re also dealing with second-hand fragrances from other people, too.

Although avoiding toxic fragrances can seem a bit challenging, there are a couple of ways to minimize your exposure:

Fragrance-free products. Due to the natural sensitivity of a growing segment of the population, a larger number of fragrance-free products have hit the market.
Toxic-Free Alternatives. Find products that use safe fragrances 100% naturally derived from botanical ingredients such as flowers, fruits, bark, seeds, leaves and other natural, raw materials. Essential oils may not pack the punch of their synthetic rivals, but we think that’s a good thing.

To find out more to visit Go Beyond Natural and click on Be in the Know and read customer stories, read their Blog and other educational materials.

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Let’s Turn This Into a Party…


Who wants to host the first one in our area? How about the first in your area? We’ll come to you and let’s help your town jump on the Toxic Free Train…. Obviously the Host will receive a fantastic gift and any and all guests will leave with something spectacular as well!!! Message me for details (contact information below) and let’s get your town living a healthier, Toxic Free Lifestyle ☺

Here is what one of our newest members said after joining and using just one of our products:


Question is what are YOU waiting on? Get some friends together and let’s make this fun! No minimum purchases, no monthly commitments… We bring the store to your door in YOUR terms and thank you for repeat/referrals like most stores do. It’s as simple as that.  Contact me today!

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The most important thing you need to remember!

If I could impart on you the single most important piece of information regarding living a ToxicFree® lifestyle it is to fully understand the difference between Non-Toxic and ToxicFree®.

non toxic vx toxic free me

Non-toxic” is a term unregulated by the government and the scientific community at large, and product companies often use it recklessly in marketing campaigns. In fact, an acute toxicity test known as the LD50 stipulates that only products that kill 51% or more of test subjects are labeled “toxic.” Many companies designate themselves as “non-toxic” if only 49% or less of said subjects perish from chemical exposure.

In complete contrast, Healthy Home Company products boast the ToxicFree® seal, which is only awarded to products containing ingredients that are proven to be 100% free of harmful chemicals, toxins and carcinogens!

Don’t let the marketing hoopla fool you or the pretty packaging either.  Just because it says Non-Toxic or natural it does not mean it is free of chemicals which will harm you in the long run.

So remember-

  • Toxic products kill 51% or more of their test subjects in trials
  • Non-Toxic kill 49% or less of their subjects in trials

Do you want to continue to be a lab rat and fall into the possible 51% or 49% of subjects? or do you want to rest assured that you are purchasing products which are proven to be 100% free of harmful ingredients? The choice is yours… Oh by the way we are cruelty free so we do not test on animals.  So look on your products and if the seal below is not on them you want to contact me so I can educate you on why you should make a switch.icon-toxic-free color

For a complete listing of our product certifications click click here.

Have a fantastic and ToxicFree® day!

Perla Middleton
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Healthy Home Company

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w: www.MyToxicFreeClub.com
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Phil. 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
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Watch out Orlando, here we come! See you TONIGHT…

Mark Your Calendar- We will be in Orlando TONIGHT ~Thursday, September 4th and we want to share our mission with you!

Join myself, Dom and the rest of the Healthy Home team us at the Super Open Teaching and Training Meeting at the Orlando World Center Marriott!

TODAY~ Thursday, September 4th at 7pm, doors open at 6pm.

Hosted by Brig Hart, Bill Glynn, the Core Four and the rest of the Healthy Home corporate team, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about our company straight from those who created it! Find out why we are on a mission to make the home a healthier place to raise a family, how you can join our team and become a part of our toxic-free movement!

To RSVP, visit: http://bit.ly/SOTTM-090414

Open meeting Thursday 9.4

We will all be there to welcome you with open arms and share our passion for why we have taken this important step, to clean our homes and environments of harmful chemicals.  You have seen our posts and read our blog, now see us in person!

Be sure to follow the link above to register so we can save you a seat, see you TONIGHT!
PS. IF you are in any of these nearby cities,  this is for you too!
Orlando, FL
Winter Park, FL
Fairview Shores, FL
Azalea Park , FL
Holden Heights, FL
Conway , FL
Eatonville, FL
Richmond Heights, FL
Edgewood,  FL
Maitland, FL
Orlovista, FL
Goldenrod, FL
Pine Castle, Fl
Belle Isle, FL
Sky Lake, FL
Lockhart , FL
Fern Park, FL
Altamonte Springs, FL
Union Park, FL
Casselberry, FL
Taft, FL
Tangelo Park , FL
Forest City, FL
Gotha, FL
Longwood, FL
Ocoee, FL
Perla Middleton
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