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Keep your skin smooth, healthy and hydrated with our allover moisturizer or build a gradual, natural-looking tan that is actually good for your skin! While you do this, provide your skin deep tissue protection for use under sunscreen or moisturizer and rejuvenate your body with the most powerful known antioxidant, and the only one native to your own body.

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Have a Healthy Home for the Holidays!

You don’t want to miss our Black Friday Deals—new products, big sales and gift sets—we’re bringing the holiday cheer to your door!

big reveal me

There is nothing cheerful or healthy about depriving yourself of sleep in order to fight crowds or increase your blood pressure, and stress yourself out to find a parking space as you waste gasoline, only to find that the sales were not really that great? Why put your body in such a toxic environment and state? Wouldn’t you rather shop for items that are healthy for the whole family, right from the comfort of your own recliner after the nap (we know you will be taking, after Thanksgiving dinner?  

The answer is easy, YES!  I would rather shop from The Club in the comfort of my own home- we do all the work for you by bringing you the store to your door!

Giving the gift of ToxicFree® is easier than ever, and we’re sure you’re going to have plenty of cheer this holiday season. Stay tuned tomorrow for our full list of sale items—you don’t want to miss these deals!

Sale begins at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, November 27th and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, December 1st! Best part is that Black Friday lasts 4 days…

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And ICYMI (in case you missed it), Brittany Glynn’s video from the latest Toxic Free Tuesday Webcast is now live on the Healthy Home YouTube Channel! Watch the video below to learn how to have a ToxicFree® Thanksgiving and how to avoid toxins all season long! 


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The Healthy Home Company Acquires OneBode

Acquisition positions Healthy Home to compete with national vitamin and supplement chains.

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL: July 7, 2014 – The Healthy Home Company has partnered with OneBodē (pronounced “One Body”) founders, Sean and Tylene Loomer, to acquire all of the assets of OneBodē Holdings LLC and OneBodē Ventures LLC from American Green (OTC: ERBB). OneBodē was acquired by American Green in June of 2013 and sold to The Healthy Home Company last Friday for $3,500,000, allowing American Green to focus on its core business and The Healthy Home Company to expand its direct retailing model to compete with national vitamin and supplement chains and stores. With close to 100 products, The Healthy Home Company model has already proven successful with primary competitors such as organic and all-natural grocery store chains, product companies and online retailers.

“American Green’s sale of OneBodē represents a successful exit within one year of our acquisition, locking in an attractive rate of return for our shareholders. It also positions Sean and Tylene to leverage The Healthy Home Company platform and business model, which has already proven successful in brand commercialization and product sales,” Stephen Shearin, president of American Green.

The Healthy Home Company was launched in January of 2014 with twelve products, but has grown to nearly 100 in the last six months through joint ventures and acquisitions. The Healthy Home Company’s product portfolio includes personal care, health and wellness, skin care, makeup and household products made from organic, EcoCert, all-natural and ToxicFree® ingredients and is made up of its own brand coupled with brands made available to members via its first two joint ventures.

Tylene and I always dreamed of partnering with an organization like The Healthy Home Company. The speed at which Healthy Home is growing is exciting, and we expect that growth will continue to accelerate. The platform and the partnership is an ideal match to propel our mission to educate the masses on living a healthy lifestyle.”

The Healthy Home Company uses one-to-one, word of mouth advertising to sell its products and rewards members with a 10% commission based on what their referral members purchase for as long as those referrals purchase products. This “direct retailing” approach enables The Healthy Home Company to compete directly with retail, grocery, online giants and products companies (especially in the all-natural and organic products arena); companies that are burdened with physical infrastructure, large marketing and advertising expenses and the flood of once loyal customers to other brands and shopping experiences.

“The Healthy Home Company continues its rapid growth through acquisitions, joint ventures and by consolidating strategic partnerships under our brand’s overarching umbrella. The acquisition of OneBodē is the fourth transaction since January that my partner, Ben Platt (CFO), and I have executed, and the most strategic thus far,” said Bill Glynn, CEO of The Healthy Home Company. “Brands alone will not win the day anymore. We believe that high quality products that are priced competitively with retail and supported by a unique business model that rewards members through cash and loyalty programs is a superior model to traditional ways of shopping. Bring five friends to your local retailer, let the retailer know your friends will buy products at their store and see how much they will pay you—nothing!”

About The Healthy Home Company
The Healthy Home Company, formerly Mommys Club, is a membership-based buying club that offers almost 100 products in the personal care, household, skin care, makeup and health and wellness categories made with all-natural, Ecocert and ToxicFree® ingredients. The Healthy Home Company uses one-to-one, word of mouth advertising to sell its products and rewards members with a 10% commission based on what their referral members purchase for as long as those referrals purchase products. This “direct retailing” approach enables The Healthy Home Company to compete directly with all-natural and organic grocery stores, vitamin and supplement shops, online retailers and product companies (especially in the all-natural and organic products arena). Healthy Home also offers its members the opportunity to apply and become certified to professionally represent the company in order to earn a potential part time or full time income.

Want to learn more?

Click here to shop the entire line of  Healthy Home Company products.



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Millennial Momentum

Simple fact: The National Cancer Institute finds that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

The generational term “millennial” has become quite a buzzword since Neil Howe and William Strauss’ book Millennials Rising, published in the year 2000, and Joel Stein’s TIME Magazine cover story, The Me Generation, published May 20.

So why so much fuss?

Forbes Magazine reported in May that Millennials make up 22 percent of the mom population in America.  EWG, knows that that many of their readers are mommy bloggers and eco-friendly young parents.  But EWG reports on toxic chemicals in everyday products appeal to anyone who doesn’t want to increase her risk of cancer or consume chemicals that disrupt the hormonal system.   A study by Pew called Millennials: Confident, Connected, Open to Change reported that 35 percent of young women use the Internet for health information. These women, and their male cohorts, can use EWG’s Enviroblog for this vital health information. With their smart phones, Millennials can scan the barcode of personal care products while shopping and find EWG’s Skin Deep ratings of what they’re considering buying. We’ve made sure our website reads clearly and easily on Smartphone devices so you can get information on farm policy, Toxics legislation and tracking facts at your fingertips.

ewg mobile app


This generation is beginning to realize that they don’t have to lead a foundation to support a non-profit. And they don’t necessarily have to serve in a top position on the Hill to spark political change. Tech-savvy Millennials can use the upcoming Skin Deep Mobile App to choose safer products and help move the market. They can visit EWG’s online action center and sign petitions to be delivered to members of Congress. Just a few clicks on the website, and you’ll see that EWG tells stories that empower people to follow issues and make changes.

And EWG has empowered people in a unique way. Hey, media, want to call them narcissistic, lazy, and selfish? Think again. Millennials are all over the map, and they have entrepreneurial ideas and activist spirits running through their blood. They are building momentum.  Excited to see how they will work together to protect human health and the environment for the generations that follow.

Adapted from Natalie Apcar for EWG




Nature made it, Living Nature just bottled it!

Visit www.nontoxicclub.com to see our newly released line of Living Nature cosmetics:entire line of lv make up

Perfect for a home party, make-up consultations or just to enjoy. (You may purchase it in a bundle as shown or individually) It includes one of each Living Nature product in each shade.

  • Six Eyeshadows: Kauri, Mist, Sand, Shell, Tussock and Slate
  • Two Eye Pencils: Flaxseed and River Stone
  • Two Mascaras: Black and Brown
  • Eight Lipsticks: Coral Sea, Dusk, Laughter, Morning Sun, Precious, Sandstone, Summer Rain and Warm Wood
  • Two Lip Pencils: Laughter and Morning Sun
  • Four Foundations: Pure Beige, Pure Honey, Pure Sand and Pure Taupe
  • Four Pressed Powders: Summer Bronze, Deep, Medium and Light
  • Two Blushes: Cool Winter and Warm Summer
  • Two Eyeshadow Compacts

Members get a 20% discount off of retail.

Check out COSMETICS from http://www.nontoxicclub.com

Say Goodbye to harsh “chemicals” and “Hello” to a healthier home (and savings too)…

We are thrilled to announce 2 of our newest products.  10 products in one per bottle.  So imagine 20 products in 2 bottlesconcentrated for your pleasure and savings.  Could this company get any better.  Oh well yes it can, we are #toxicfree, #organic and all natural!

clean with my info Tough me photo 2 photo 3

Where can you find these amazing products? Glad you asked-  at http://www.nontoxicclub.com

As always you can reach me by leaving  a comment or sending an email to dnp1515@gmail.com

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Replace 10 Products with Just 1 – #whynot

If you have not looked into this you are missing out!  Not only on savings, but in making your home a healthier place!

Replaced approximately $40 worth, 10 bottles, of TOXIC cleaners in our home with ONE bottle of TOXIC-FREE, multi-use, Daily Cleansing Foam that costs only $11 (member price). Safer Home + Saving Money = SMART.  How about an alternative to replace ALL of those and SAVE YOU MONEY!! Oh yea…it’s TOXIC FREE!!!

Visit ~~~~~~>www.nontoxicclub.com

Also check out our blog posting called Our Products are Not Just for Babies, for more tips on how to use this and many of our other products!

daily cleansing foam replaces many other products in your home

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