Research Reveals the Importance of Nutrition for Fathers-to-Be


PORTLAND, OR–(Marketwired – January 03, 2017) – While the importance of nutrition to a pregnant woman is widely known, the fathers’ choices receive far less attention. However, according to nutraceutical company Kirkman®, research is making it clear that environmental exposures and nutritional choices of a father-to-be can have profound effects on reproductive outcomes, from failure to conceive to birth defects.

Smoking and excessive drinking are likely the most common (and most commonly recognized) reproductive hazards and both can lead to reduced sperm counts.1 But there are other common exposures, including many encountered in workplaces, that can have detrimental effects on fertility.2

Millions of chemicals are commonly in commercial use. According to the CDC, more than 1,000 of these have reproductive effects on animals, but few have been studied in humans. Several of those that have been studied have been shown to lower sperm count and/or deform sperm shape (which can reduce the ability of the sperm to “swim” effectively).

Lead, for instance, has been linked to both of these negative outcomes. Exposure to other heavy metals has also been linked to negative effects on sperm production. Potentially damaging chemicals used in workplaces include bromides (used in dyes, disinfectants, and insecticides), styrene (used in plastic production) and tetrachloroethylene (used in dry cleaning).

Body weight has been linked to low sperm counts, both oligozoospermia, which simply means a lower-than-average count, and azoospermia, which indicates a sperm count so low that sperm is actually undetectable. For both underweight and overweight men, there is a slightly increased chance of azoospermia or oligozoospermia. Those deemed “morbidly obese,” however, have twice the odds of low sperm counts.3

Research on the impact of diet on male fertility is still at an early stage. Some studies have merely confirmed that generally nutritious diets lead to better outcomes, but others have narrowed their focus to look at specific nutrients. One found that vitamin E and selenium supplementation both increased motility and reduced the concentration of malformed sperm.4 Another found significant count and motility improvements following regular, high-dose intake of vitamin C.5 High doses of vitamin B-12 were found to increase sperm counts for both humans6 and rats.7

Moral of the story, limit your exposure, replace products and take care of you if you want future generations to be happy and healthy.

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You know how I am always harping on toxins and making that move to organic and becoming less dependent on chemicals… Well now that we got our ToxicFree® products back and are all situated, (if you want to know more on that subject check our other blogs or stop by our site), we can focus on what we lost during the shuffle.

The ONE thing that is the hardest to substitute or find in true ToxicFree®, organic, natural, completely safe form.  Sure, we can find soap and dishwasher detergent that meets all that criteria and use it confidently, but makeup, that is a whole other ballgame!  If we find some that may be remotely safe, it may not be organic, or it may be natural… but just because it is natural it does not mean it is good for you.

Tobacco and arsenic are both natural, but that does not make them good for us!  I am pretty certain neither are those funky mushrooms growing in the backyard…


My point is that because it is SO hard to find something that both works and meets all safety points, makeup is quite possibly the hardest part of making the full transition to ToxicFree® living.  So we find ourselves slipping back and grabbing that foundation because it covers better or using that eyeshadow because the color really pops.

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Have you stopped to really get to know the makeup of your make-up?
The US Food and Drug Administration permits cosmetic companies to use toxic chemicals known to be extremely harmful in their products. As a result, chemicals linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity, immunotoxicity, organ toxicity, neurotoxicity, and many other health concerns are hidden in the cosmetics women are using on their bodies every day. (Check out my post called Let’s not forget our tweens/teens…)

A very special individual, Melanie Lundin Petschke, and her best friend, Kelly Clothier Weston, have set out to see that there is an alternative to the chemical laden makeup we find in store shelves today and out of that labor of ♡ CRUNCHI was born.  CRUNCHI has set a new standard for cosmetic safety. Utilizing years of research and safety data, compiled by the Environmental Working Group and The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, they have thoughtfully selected ingredients that will not put your health at risk. CRUNCHI is a revolutionary line of high performance, safe, and toxin free cosmetics that are redefining beauty.


This unveiling could not have come at a better time for those of us who were left with a void in the makeup department when a previous company who had ToxicFree® household products, skin care, and makeup vanished.  We can now face the world once again looking refreshed and knowing that we are not endangering our bodies.

I tried some samples Melanie and Kelly sent me and was a bit skeptical of the great reviews others were posting on their facebook site, using words like “addicting” and “amazing”… But after trying it for a few days, I must say they were right.  Starting with the Smart Primer, which leaves your face soft as a baby’s bum, and ready for the smooth as silk foundation, it only gets better from there… The powder is unlike any other, a Translucent Finishing Powder, it does not settle on the creases of your fine lines (if you happen to have any).

I did something I swore I would never do, took a selfie without makeup, to prove a point, (this is when I break down and cry a little), I am doing something worse… Posting it online for everyone to see, but as they say, real beauty is in the inside, RIGHT?

The difference was like night and day; Too good to be true. Besides, a very courageous lady went before me on their facebook site, so I figured she needed company.

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EEEK!  not the best picture of me, but what can you do when you are doing a selfie on the mirror, I promise the 15 others I didn’t choose were far worse… Exactly where do you look when you are taking one of these pictures?  I have made up my mind, I need a selfie stick! But I digress.

As you can see I went from bland and pale to vibrant and nice color that was even and smooth.  One thing I wish I would have done was take a picture at the end of the day, so you could see that I looked exactly the same, my makeup was intact.

Melanie and Kelly along with their CRUNCHI line have struck gold! Please like their page on Facebook and check out the online catalog.  If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line as this is not a makeup line you will find in stores.  I will be happy to assist you.


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Perla Middleton
Wellness and Healthy Living Coach