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Small Changes = Safer Homes + Healthy Kids

become toxic free with www.nontoxicclub.com

MC Opportunity Webinar for those with an interested in making your home and work environment healthier for you and your family.  We are providing a chance to do that by offering a short introductory webinar about Mommy’s Club and how to become a Pro-Rep.

Did you know that before you leave the house, you have already been exposed to over 200 chemicals? or That babies have been confirmed via umbilical cord blood tests as having upwards of 127 of the same toxic chemicals mothers did at the time of birth?  Or that more than 125 ingredients in skin care products are suspected of causing cancer, and most contain ingredients like those in antifreeze and brake fluid, Mineral Oil which is a byproduct of Petroleum. (Yes, Mineral Oil is similar to gasoline)

We want to raise awareness and share information!  Presently 7 out of 10 people are suffering with at least 1 chronic disease, many of them could be prevented if we choose non-toxic products. Consumers need to know that there are companies that care as much about people and are committed to making 100% toxin free products that are safe for your families and the environment.

RSVP here and register through the link, after the webinar, please follow up with us.  We will be checking the list of attendees vs the RSVPs in order to pull a name at random for a product giveaway.  Maybe it will be you 🙂

ps, feel free to share with others!

Now we want to be able to bless those who are also deserving of this opportunity.  Click on the link following link –  http://goo.gl/Lqq63l to go to our events calendar and chose the day that best fits your schedule.

Have a blessed day!!

Perla Middleton
​Mommy’s Club Founding Member #502710