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The most amazing toxin-free makeup line! CRUNCHI!

Attention fellow health conscious mamas and friends! Guess what???! My incredible friends Kelly and Melanie have just launched the most amazing toxin-free makeup line! CRUNCHI! This makeup collection will blow you away. CRUNCHI products not only boast the safest ingredients on the market, but they are also (and equally as importantly) beautifully effective. Each one will rival your beloved (toxic) department store brands all day long. People are freaking out about it! As many of you know, cosmetics are an absolute hotbed for toxic chemicals and it’s one of the things that women are using daily! CRUNCHI COLLECTION is made with a combination of safe, certified organic, Eco Cert, gluten free, vegan/vegetarian, cruelty-free and toxin-free ingredients. CRUNCHI is literally changing the face of safe cosmetics, showing us that you don’t have to sacrifice your health for long lasting beautiful, effective, quality cosmetics. I’m so proud to be representing this incredible company and excited to share CRUNCHI with all of you… so many of you have been waiting for this!

Check out this line at http://Crunchi.com/perlamiddleton 
View our latest videos at http://bit.ly/CrunchiYouTube
Contact me with questions at perlamiddleton@iamcrunchi.com

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It is a new day for the ToxicFree Movement!

I am excited to say that though there has been a lot of “restructuring” and moving around, we have found firm ground to plant our roots and continue the ToxicFree movement we started nearly 3 years ago.  As I mentioned in a previous post the formulators for ToxicFree products and nutritional products were no longer going to be part of Healthy Home.  As it turns out Chae Organics and One Bode have joined forces to bring us the same amazing products we are used to, but without any strings attached.

start with the basics MTFC

Here is a short teaser of the 2 duos in action….

Much of what drove our passion for the products was not only the fact they were ToxicFree, but the education behind them. If you are local and follow my monthly column in the Moments Magazine, you know the struggle I have dealt with over the years with my reproductive health and only after having my eyes opened to the world of toxic chemicals have I come to understand how things around us affect us.

Having met Linda Chae in person along with Ty and Sean Loomer, I know they have the drive and passion for bringing this same message home, and this movement has not been as alive as it is right now.

How do you become involved? How much will it cost? What is required? Is this an MLM? I know all this questions are crossing your mind, and they answered under the “why be a VIP”.  Suffice it to say that it is FREE to join and stay involved (it’s about being educated and voting with your dollars), and it will not cost you any more than a bit of your time (for that education) and any products YOU DECIDE (not dictating by any certain terms you have to) purchase.

So first things first.  Here is a little on Chae Organics and Linda Chae… The formulator of amazing products such as the Acne Tx which helped my son tremendously and only one of the many fantastic products she has available.

Chae Organics and Linda ChaeSound interesting?  It’s free, learning is free and so is the referral program.

To join the referral program follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to http://www.MyToxicFreeClub.com and click on “VIP Rewards” then click “Join Now” or the link that says “Simply Join For Free to Claim VIP Status”, (Highlighted in Yellow).  Be sure to read the awesome reasons why becoming a VIP is a great idea.


2. Make sure that it lists my name, Perla Middleton, as the person who referred you. After all I am the person that is referring you. Then select the option that is best for you

join 2

3.  Make sure you fill out the information it asks for.  Drop me an email me after you have completed these steps at: dnp1515@gmail.com Subject ToxicFree Movement Info. This will help me keep track of who is choosing to be associated with us.

TTYS!  Have a happy and ToxicFree Day!

mytoxicfreeclub vcard

Remember, education is the one thing no one can take from you, and when it is offered at no cost why not take advantage.  What you do with that knowledge is up to you…