What is all the fuss all about?

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The very famous Linda Chae has been formulating fantastic ToxicFree® products for over 30 years, in fact, she was the formulator of many of Healthy Home’s Products.  Same goes for OneBode, they were a stand-alone company prior to offering their products through Healthy Home.  After some changes took place in HHC which prompted both the Chae Organics and OneBode lines to part ways, they saw the amazing demand for clean, affordable organic, natural and toxic free products.  Beyond that, they saw many people who were hungry to continue to educate the public and spread the message of ToxicFree® living.  Out of that keen eye current issues, Go Beyond Natural was born.

They have now joined forces and offer many of the same if not better products as before at prices that are just as good if not better than before.  You can become a member for free at any time, (be sure to list who referred you, or locate their link so you can enjoy deep discounts and any of the 8 rewards listed below.  To learn more click the image below and click on Join VIP Rewards.8 rewards

When you shop ToxicFree® you get the benefit of knowing your products are among the safest and most highly rated in the world. We love our customers and as a reward and our thanks to you for adopting a healthier lifestyle for you and your family we offer you this FREE VIP membership, with no obligations. This will enhance your shopping experience and save you time and money.

While visiting the page keep looking as there are further ways to get discounted products and become more involved with the company that you can elect to become involved in, for those of you who are really passionate about the cause!

Hope you will join our ToxicFree® family!

Perla Middleton

ps. Please keep in mind, until January 4th, this is a skeleton site.  In order to make purchases until then, make sure you have your member account 1st through the Chae site and buy till your <3’s content.


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