The most important thing you need to remember!

If I could impart on you the single most important piece of information regarding living a ToxicFree® lifestyle it is to fully understand the difference between Non-Toxic and ToxicFree®.

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Non-toxic” is a term unregulated by the government and the scientific community at large, and product companies often use it recklessly in marketing campaigns. In fact, an acute toxicity test known as the LD50 stipulates that only products that kill 51% or more of test subjects are labeled “toxic.” Many companies designate themselves as “non-toxic” if only 49% or less of said subjects perish from chemical exposure.

In complete contrast, Healthy Home Company products boast the ToxicFree® seal, which is only awarded to products containing ingredients that are proven to be 100% free of harmful chemicals, toxins and carcinogens!

Don’t let the marketing hoopla fool you or the pretty packaging either.  Just because it says Non-Toxic or natural it does not mean it is free of chemicals which will harm you in the long run.

So remember-

  • Toxic products kill 51% or more of their test subjects in trials
  • Non-Toxic kill 49% or less of their subjects in trials

Do you want to continue to be a lab rat and fall into the possible 51% or 49% of subjects? or do you want to rest assured that you are purchasing products which are proven to be 100% free of harmful ingredients? The choice is yours… Oh by the way we are cruelty free so we do not test on animals.  So look on your products and if the seal below is not on them you want to contact me so I can educate you on why you should make a switch.icon-toxic-free color

For a complete listing of our product certifications click click here.

Have a fantastic and ToxicFree® day!

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