Our family just grew….AGAIN! :D

Our family just grew again – introducing OneBode Blend and Balance supplements! AND one SUPER SIZE Strong!blend and balance


Daily nutritional supplement to support general wellness. It helps to replenish your body with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins for a strong foundation for health. Blend is comprised of special organic mineral elements known as mineral amino acid chelates. Created using a patented technology, these chelates help your body absorb vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for the best biological advantage.

Blend: Vitamin, multi-mineral, antioxidant activity

  • Daily nutritional supplement to support general wellness
  • Source of minerals, as amino acid chelates
  • Antioxidant support
  • Source of added nutrition to support the body’s balanced response to stress
  • Use in combination with OneBode Flo

 To get this amazing product visit this site – http://goo.gl/qp7FuK

Here are Sean and Tylene talking about the product – http://vimeo.com/104759794


Promotes healthy digestion and helps support your body as it digests common fats and processes sugars. It also helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range and supports the body’s natural cleansing processes. OneBode Balance also includes a proprietary enzymatic blend of vegetarian enzymes, which support healthy digestion.

Because the “Standard American Diet” is filled with white flour products, processed sugars, partially hydrogenated oils and less beneficial fats (all with very little nutritional value), getting the most out of the foods you eat is more important than ever. Balance helps make sure your body can actually use what you consume.

 Balance: Promote Healthy Digestion of Fats & Sugars

  • Support healthy digestion of common fats and processing of sugars
  • Between meals and/or before bed to support the body’s natural cleansing processes
  • Help maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range
  • Use in combination with OneBode Flo when eating sugary desserts and fried foods

To get this amazing product visit this site – http://goo.gl/kgWgl4

Here are Sean and Tylene talking about the product – http://vimeo.com/104759818

 Your Strong Voices were heard, STRONG now in 32oz Bottles! 

Strong now in 32oz bottles, enjoy double the Strong for just $3 more—a savings of $13.95 with every bottle!


Strong is made from acetic acid (the core ingredient found in vinegar in its highly concentrated form), concentrated citric acid (derived from natural fruits), sodium chloride (salt), potassium acetate (a combination of potassium and acetic acid), to further enhance the product’s ability to break up oils and organic materials. Individually, the active ingredients in Strong are known to be effective against many types of bacteria, mold and mildew, and together represent a potent formula that replaces more than 10 products in your garage, those used for the home exterior, as well as tough jobs and stain removal inside the home. Check out strong by clicking on this link – http://goo.gl/yvDr7R

Strong can be used in all these ways!

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Here are some Strong Testimonials:

I left my granddaughter’s white sweater in with some wet red towels… Several days later remembered it. Her sweater was covered in red dots and mildew! Yuck I soaked in Strong for two days and it was whiter than it started! Thank you!”

Danielle Lawrence

Strong cleans my shower and bathtub so quickly with no fumes or harsh chemicals. I don’t need to use gloves and I think that’s pretty spectacular! I also soaked my kitchen sink faucet in a dish of Strong to get the gunk that has been building up for over 9 years…  After fifteen minutes of soaking and a little scrubbing with a toothbrush it came right off looking brand new.”

April Bunting
Here is a before and after of my husband’s hands. They were covered in pine pitch from tree trimming. The Strong took it right off. Good-bye harsh garage chemicals!”

Jennie Davis
After paying a well-known national cleaning company to clean our kitchen at the Yacht Club, we were left with this. Seriously, that was a good as they got it. I remember Mick Karshner cleaning his personal gas grill with Strong. I ran home, eager to prove, yet again, we do not need to use all the crazy chemicals. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words. Literally, I sprayed it on, waited 20 minutes and BOOM, it all scraped right off.”

Karen Cochran
So I decided to run my car through the car wash this morning at the good ole neighborhood gas station. Got plenty clean. However, my alloy rims? Not so much because of the excessive brake dust. I used to use [a chemical cleaner] but after learning what I know now and reading the back (“Danger, Warning skin and eye irritant”) and a few other warnings, I tried using diluted Strong. It worked like a charm!”

Matt Workman
I’m almost embarrassed to post this. Before Healthy Home Company, I had always used the a [chemical cleanup spray] for my sink, thinking I was doing a good job cleaning. Fast forward to tonight: I used the Strong and this was what it pulled up. This was a brand new white towel.”

Check out my hubby using Strong on his rower. So glad we are only using Healthy Home Company products to clean his gym! No smelling harmful products while working out!”

Catalina Olalde Diaz
We had resolved ourselves that our “car wash” towels would just always be black, even after washing them with extra detergent and bleach. After seeing the results in our home from Strong and Clean, I decided to pull out the grease & brake dust stained towels (that had already been washed, bleached, folded and put away for another car wash day), and decided to throw them in the washer & wash with Strong (just 4 oz). I pre-treated with diluted Clean. Check this out! And our washing machine is squeaky clean! No black crud left behind!”

Shannon Muir Berlin
My first TEST of the new Strong product on my 7 year old Weber Gas Grill. I am impressed!”

Mick Karshner


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