Last time I checked most of us wear deodorant…

In general everyone I know wears deoderant of some kind.. Before reading about ours I challenge all of you to go to and look up your brand under the Skin Deep section to see how it rates.. My guess most likely an”F”, for various reasons like skin allergies, ingredients that disrupt hormones or even worse, ones that are linked to causing cancer.

Some may say ahh it’s only a very small amount but did you know that the underarm region has a 100% absorption rate (meaning anything you put in that are of the body will be 100% absorbed into the skin) and it only takes 26 seconds for anything especially toxic chemicals to be absorbed into your body through the skin. Makes you wonder if that tiny bit of toxic deoderant may have a bigger impact than you may think! Have you stopped to think why so many cases of breast cancer? All I ask is that you be an educated consumer and do some research and make educated purchases.


With Healthy Home Deodorant, you can raise your hand without hesitation, knowing you’re fresh and smell great!

Deodorant, for men and women, is a non-aerosol spray deodorant that is free from dangerous chemicals like aluminum, glycols and sulfates that are found in many other deodorants and antiperspirants. Instead, Deodorant is made with organic, Ecocert, ToxicFree®, and natural ingredients including naturally derived deodorizers.

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Perla Middleton
Founding Member, Healthy Home