Georgia Southern Legend standing strong for son AJ

I remember sitting on the grass of Paulson Stadium on Saturday afternoons in the heat, with the gnats, and the occasional whiff of that beautiful Eagle Creek during my college days watching the AP train play! Watched walk across the stage at graduation on that same green turf, and move on to the NFL, and watched “DA BEAARSS” just so I could catch a glimpse of our local star. It breaks my heart to hear of his tragedy, but am glad that he and AJ seem to be in high spirits. They say that God only gives us as much as we can handle, then I sit back and think of all those I have known (including myself) and the sad moments or tragedies we have gone through and how God gave us the ability to muster up the courage to fight through and persevere. I cannot say that I understand what our former college football and NFL star is going through, but I can send prayers and well wishes and offer our Eagle Nation solidarity. AP we are here for you and AJ, and we shall pray at Noon every day… Should you need anything from us, Georgia Southern, to which you gave so much of yourself… we are just up the road. #eaglenation, #gsuathletics, #statesboro, #toxicfree