Crispy mall bangs and Mall hair, oh my! Listen in to what The Healthy Home Co. has to say tonight…It’s #opposite #TBT

Join us for a Corporate tonight at 9pm EST

It’s Thursday or #TBT but we want it to be #opposites as we want you to move forward and away from the #toxic lifestyle you had and on to a safer and better one!  Remember the damage you did to yourself when you thought ‘helmet hair and crispy mall bangs’ were cool?  
 Join us tonight at 9:00 pm ET for our Healthy Home Company corporate call where they will guide you through how to become #toxic-free.  Get trained on how to use The Toxic Test by Mommy’s Club CEO, Bill Glynn, learn about the excitement we have planned in May for our Spring Leadership Meeting and much more! I can feel the excitement is building as already, as great things are happening.  Another call means another corporate call which means another chance for any and all of you to join us and hear all the new and upcoming news and eventsyou don’t want to miss this, get some insight on how you can make the changes to provide a healthier environment for your family and loved ones.
The call-in information is:
Phone Number: (860) 970-0010 
Access Code: 671-306-916
Remember this is your brain:
Join me at and it will not have to be like this!!