Millennial Momentum

Simple fact: The National Cancer Institute finds that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

The generational term “millennial” has become quite a buzzword since Neil Howe and William Strauss’ book Millennials Rising, published in the year 2000, and Joel Stein’s TIME Magazine cover story, The Me Generation, published May 20.

So why so much fuss?

Forbes Magazine reported in May that Millennials make up 22 percent of the mom population in America.  EWG, knows that that many of their readers are mommy bloggers and eco-friendly young parents.  But EWG reports on toxic chemicals in everyday products appeal to anyone who doesn’t want to increase her risk of cancer or consume chemicals that disrupt the hormonal system.   A study by Pew called Millennials: Confident, Connected, Open to Change reported that 35 percent of young women use the Internet for health information. These women, and their male cohorts, can use EWG’s Enviroblog for this vital health information. With their smart phones, Millennials can scan the barcode of personal care products while shopping and find EWG’s Skin Deep ratings of what they’re considering buying. We’ve made sure our website reads clearly and easily on Smartphone devices so you can get information on farm policy, Toxics legislation and tracking facts at your fingertips.

ewg mobile app


This generation is beginning to realize that they don’t have to lead a foundation to support a non-profit. And they don’t necessarily have to serve in a top position on the Hill to spark political change. Tech-savvy Millennials can use the upcoming Skin Deep Mobile App to choose safer products and help move the market. They can visit EWG’s online action center and sign petitions to be delivered to members of Congress. Just a few clicks on the website, and you’ll see that EWG tells stories that empower people to follow issues and make changes.

And EWG has empowered people in a unique way. Hey, media, want to call them narcissistic, lazy, and selfish? Think again. Millennials are all over the map, and they have entrepreneurial ideas and activist spirits running through their blood. They are building momentum.  Excited to see how they will work together to protect human health and the environment for the generations that follow.

Adapted from Natalie Apcar for EWG