We’ve hit a 100% HOME-RUN…….

We’ve hit a 100% HOME-RUN…
When the business is a CAUSE… What happens is a MOVEMENT! HEALTHY HOME Company is a MOVEMENT!

Join us in the HEALTHY HOME Movement, but if you feel as though you are on the fence…. Simply take the Do You Have a Healthy Home toxic test this test and get back to me.  NO strings attached.  My goal is to make homes, healthy for families to raise their kids, have pets, host elderly parents, share with sisters, brothers or friends while going to college a healthier place to live…. One at a time.

ways to spread the word 2

Finding the Toxicity Score of your household – dorm – sorority/fraternity house – Memaw’s hospice (you name it),  will put things into perspective, and when that sinks in- join the movement at www.nontoxicclub.com 

Perla Middleton, Founding Member
Mommy’s Club – A Healthy Home Company