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non-toxic products help solider's stationed overseas
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Testimonies From a deployed soldier – Steve Sabo

My name is Steve and today marks my second week using Mommy’s Club products. Let me start by giving a background on my experiences. First off, I have been enlisted in the United States Army for 11 years as an Infantryman. My job puts me in harsh conditions; just bathing and staying clean is a privilege. We normally use hand sanitizer to clean our hands before we eat and after using the latrine as well as baby wipes for showers. When we get the opportunity to stay in a base, we take advantage of the facilities (PX, MWR, and above all real Showers). I have sensitive skin and while deployed the water isn’t pristine; normally hard water that’s been re-filtered since the war began (2001). It doesn’t take long for my skin and scalp to become oily and flaky. Also, shaving with dirty water had caused the worst razor burn that didn’t seem to go away. I’ve used numerous products over the course of three deployments. Normally, I just lather moisturizer on my face and head and carry on for the day. Jessica sent me Lavender Lotion 8oz, Lavender Shampoo 8oz, Baby Foaming Wash 7oz, and Perfect Touch Sanitizer 4oz.I used to use head and shoulders and a separate conditioner which only quelled the flakes not the oil. Since using the Lavender Shampoo, I have not had an issue with an oily flaky scalp. This product instantly cleaned and nourished my scalp. The best part about it is that you don’t have to use much in order to get a good lather. It has a great smell and leaves your hair feeling clean and soft.

For shaving, I’ve used gels, after shaves, creams, hot/cold water, and with and against the grain. No matter what I did, I continually had razor burn. I didn’t know if it was how I was shaving or the dirty hard water I was using. I’ve started by cleansing my face with the Baby Foaming Wash; then I lather up with the Lavender Lotion and shave with the grain. Once I’ve finished shaving, I rinse with hot water and then spray the Perfect Touch Sanitizer as an after shave. I am pleased to say, I have not had a single bump from razor burn in two weeks. To top it off, my acne has cleared up and my skin is soft to the touch all day.

Like most deployed Soldiers, I’ve used just about everything that GNC offers. Even though I’ve gained muscle and lost weight, it still leaves you needing it in order to maintain what you’ve gained. If any of you know about supplements, it puts a real drain on your bank account. Depending on what you get, you can put your body in harm; damaged liver, heart, and kidneys. What’s the point in shaping the outside of your body while damaging your insides? I wanted this deployment to be different. No more bloated feeling from the whey proteins. No more rapid heartbeat from the creatine, caffeine, and various other chemical compounds you need a master’s degree in chemistry to figure out. Jessica sent me the Total Body Health with Multivitamin 32oz. It only costs $40 and it lasts 30 days; hardly a dent in the bank. Just 1oz in the morning and I have the energy and stamina to go workout three times a day and for once, on little to no caffeine. I am absolutely impressed with this daily multivitamin. I not only get all natural vitamins to help me focus, help my digestive system, and improve my circulation throughout the day; I get to feel great all day long.

If anyone has the issues I have had; all I have to say is just try it. The best part about these products is the fact that they are all multipurpose. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The difficulties I have to go through just to be clean and healthy while deployed are now a distant memory for me. I’m waiting for more products to come out so I can have Mommy’s Club in every aspect of my life.

~ Sabo

A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE SABO FAMILY!!  What a fantastic story!  And there are many others like it because since this was made public  other “manly men” have decided to try it.  I have said it many times and I will say it again… Do not let the label fool you!  Most of you do not know that I come from a line of military personnel, my mother served as a flight nurse, may she rest in peace! My daddy-o retired with 22 years of service as a KC153 Crew Chief and traveled all over the world, I was married to an Amy Ranger for over 12 years… I am well versed in deployments and all that goes with it.  I jump at the chance and have done philanthropic work with groups that raise funds and/or have done that with groups around the area and the state.  Needless to say that I have a special place reserved in my heart for anything to do with the military.

If you are interested in getting more information on how to join the club and get products to your loved ones, or get other military parents, wives, family members, etc. involved, email me or call me, my info is listed below.  Thanks to our defenders of freedom, and if this small token make their lives more comfortable then why not do it!? Not to mention they are toxic free, organic and all natural which helps when they are in some of the most toxic and non organic environments in the world.

Perla Middleton, Founding Member
Mommy’s Club