Hospitals, doctors and staff are taking notice…are you?


Hospitals are already taking notice and will be SWITCHING to 100% Toxic-Free products by Mommy’s Club.

Here is something to seriously think about…. SOMEONE is going to share these products with a friend…who will then share with a nurse or doctor…who will then share it with their local doctors offices and then hospitals. Products like these are NOT going un-noticed….they are NOW in DEMAND!

The question is, are you the one who referred them? That could be YOU!

Don’t forget that Jan 10th is the last day to join as a Charter Member. Reasons to join- you can get a bundle (literally a bundle) of products, with the bundle purchase your $39 membership gets fee waived and get free shipping (estimate of $10). Right off the bat you are saving $50…not to mention the ability to get paid for referring friends, family, hospitals and doctors as shown above.

Sound appealing? Join us on THURSDAY Jan. 9th, see why people from all across the nation are coming to The Club! “Live” 20 minute Overview. TIP- I would join The Club BEFORE the Webinar! Timing is on your side .

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