Toxic Free, A Force to be Reckoned With…

A year from now you wish you had… Heck at this rate, a week from now!

Our Charter Member offer ends Jan 10th.  If you are one of the 320 million people in the rest of the USA that has not heard of mommy’s Club you soon will.  Just look at this traffic since our January 3rd launch to the public…  The word is getting out and the big dogs want a piece of the pie.

alexa site traffic comparisona year from now

Yeah, I’d definitely say we are on to something good!!! I have said time and time again that we are poised to be a force to be reckoned with, everyday I feel more and more confident on the choice I made, not only for my family but for the countless other families I have been helping become toxic free.  When it comes to our MISSION to make the home a healthier place to raise your family we are making a positive impact in the USA and around the world! Praise the Lord

I am so EXCITED! This is a MOVEMENT!!!  Email me at, follow this blog, or check out to find out how you can become involved and make your home a safe toxic free environment…

Have a fantastic toxic free day!