Teens Getting Drunk Off Hand Sanitizer!

No wonder schools are banning these products



news greyABC News recently reported on six California teenagers that were hospitalized with alcohol poisoning after drinking hand sanitizer. Parents should think twice about using alcohol-based sanitizers on their children’s skin especially before snack time and meals.

Liquid hand sanitizer is 62 to 65 percent ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, the main ingredient in beer, wine and spirits, making it 120-proof. To compare, a bottle of vodka is 80-proof. “A few swallows is all it takes to get a person to get the intoxicated effects of alcohol,” Dr. Cyrus Rangan, medical toxicology consultant for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, said in a press conference.

Mommy’s Club is committed to making the home a healthier place to raise the family, and these highly-toxic, chemical-laden sanitizers are clearly not a safe choice for yourself or your children. Perfect Touch Hand Sanitizer, however, is. A unique oxygen-rich solution that is alcohol and aerosol free, the Perfect Touch Hand Sanitizer does not dry out the skin and is safe to use on any surface. Its unique blend of ingredients protects your family against bacteria and viruses.

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