Do you trust the person that touched the door handle before you?


Wise up to the fact that the individual who left the restroom before you did not wash their hands or that the person whom you are shaking hands at a meeting just got done blowing their nose with a flimsy tissue. I can speak from experience, I have seen these things happen and I’m sure I have missed a million others. My kids have brought a cold, the flu, ringworm, pinkeye, hand foot and mouth disease, the stomach flu and countless other things to cost me thousands in wages lost, co-pays, medicine, electricity and water… When a simple toxic free and organic sanitizer from Mommy’s Club would have done the trick for under $4.00!

Don’t get burned this cold and flu season, purchase one of the Flu bundles and keep them stashed all over, even have enough to share with those notorious folks who visit the facilities and dash.

flu pack perla

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