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Free Membership, Your Voice Matters!


You asked…and we’re delivering! When you become a ToxicFree® member with the Healthy Home Company and spend more than $50, your membership fee is waived!

Keeping families safe from toxic chemicals is our top priority, and we’ve made it our mission to take the guesswork out of purchasing products by providing some of the safest, most-rated products on the market…and making them affordable.

If you were ambivalent about trying out our products now is the time, no membership fee, no monthly commitments, we will NOT SEND you products unless you order. If on the other hand you knew that already, but you think what you are using is fine, I invite you to check out your current product’s ratings at and see how they compare to ours. It never hurts to try something new and healthy :)

Join the Club & Share the Cause at When you get there, click “Join” on the top right corner of the page and let’s get started.

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You are hydrating with what??


Water is the body’s most important nutrient. We’ve been told to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. But, what if the water we are drinking is full of toxic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, lead, rust and pharmaceutical drugs?

Check out Brittany Glynn’s latest ToxicFree® Blog post to learn more about how to protect your family:

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Halloween may be over, but there are still lurking in the shadows…

In our cabinets lurks a danger we would never suspect.  Every day we are shown by ads and marketing agencies how impressive a product is in taking stains away or in removing odors but little do we know that the ingredients in those products are making us sick.

dangerous chemicals

Are you suffering from any of these, know someone who is?

  • Sleep disorders
  • Developmental problems
  • Weaker immune system
  • Reproduction problems, including infertility, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Neurological problems
  • Cancer
  • Thyroid disorder
  • Not to mention that each of these creates a host of issues of their own…

Start by looking no further than the personal care products you have in your own home!  Research the products you use every day, ingredients in them could be disrupting your endocrine system, your body’s chemical messenger system.  Your endocrine system sends messages to your body to release hormones to digest your food, to bring you down from stress, to level your hormonal unbalance among a myriad of things.  When this system is messed with, all these messages get delivered incorrectly or not at all, thus why you have any of the issues listed above.



Do you or have you come in contact with any of these items:

  • Bisphenol-A (BPA), found in plastics and in the lining of canned goods.
  • Triclosan, found in antibacterial soaps and other products.
  • Parabens, popular preservatives used in personal care products.
  • Phthalates, plasticizers found in hair spray, nail polish, plastic food containers, and vinyl.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate, a harsh cleanser found in many personal care products.
  • Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), like Teflon, Gore-Tex, and other stain-resistant products.
  • Dioxin, a byproduct formed during the manufacturing process of many personal care products.
  • Fire retardants, found in foam furniture (like couches), carpet padding, and house dust.
  • Arsenic, a toxin lurking in some food and drinking water.
  • Mercury, a toxic metal found in some fish.
  • Pesticides, used widely in farming as well as in home gardens and lawns.

These are just some of the items and or ingredients that are endocrine disruptors.  Do a search of your personal and household care items through and see how your product scores in a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst) or A-F (F being the worst), also look for mentions of endocrine disruptors (see example below):

old spice

The Endocrine Society published the following in their Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals An Endocrine Society Scientific Statement citing a number of studies:

  • Because of the shared properties of the chemicals and the similarities of the receptors and enzymes involved in the synthesis, release, and degradation of hormones, no endocrine system is immune to endocrine disrupting chemicals. (In simple terms this means that no hormone is spared from these synthetic chemicals).
  • The evidence for adverse reproductive outcomes (infertility, cancers, malformations) from exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals is strong, and there is mounting evidence for effects on other endocrine systems, including thyroid, neuroendocrine, obesity and metabolism, and insulin and glucose homeostasis. (Unfortunately this means just what it says, there is evidence that these chemicals lead to all the diseases listed above).
  • Furthermore, we now know that DES exposure in key developmental life stages can have a spectrum of effects spanning female reproduction, male reproduction, obesity, and breast cancer. (Same as above ).
  • They found a significant correlation between BPA concentrations in urine with cardiovascular disease and abnormal concentrations of liver enzymes.
  • Individuals and populations are exposed to ever-changing patterns of production and use of these compounds. They also tend to be released into the environment as mixtures, rather than individual chemicals.  Therefore, it is important to understand the effects of simultaneous coexposures to these chemicals, which may interact additively, multiplicatively synergistically), or antagonistically. (In simpler terms, we come in contact with so many products which have endocrine disruptors at any given time in different stages of our lives that it will be hard to fully understand the extent of the damage they are causing to our system for some time to come).

If you find that you have products which contain endocrine system disrupting ingredients, and we urge you to educate yourself and replace them right away.  Feel free to check out replacement ones at or look for better alternatives through, but either way do something to change what you are using.  If I knew then what I know now, regarding endometriosis and how it can be aggravated by such ingredients, I would have made the switch to toxic-free a long time ago and would probably still have the ability to have children…


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Autism, Fragile X and Glutathione

Recent research indicates that Autism is related to immune, neurologic, and inflammation issues that are triggered by a genetic disposition to be sensitive to certain pollutants, toxins, food additives and so on. Strong evidence relates the lack of cellular glutathione (the major anti-inflammatory agent) and Autism.


Twenty years ago, approximately 1 in every 10,000 children were diagnosed with autism(ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder. Today it is 1 in every 150 children have Autism.

One of the theory’s is that it is Genetic. But according to Dr. Daria Davidson, a medical doctor with 30 years experience, board certified in holistic medicine, and a cancer survivor herself, in twenty years genetics could not have changed that much. The other possibility is Mercury, however, vaccines today most are free of having mercury in them,  Yet we are seeing a increased incidence of Autism. Contrary to what was thought a few years ago, vaccines are not the cause of ASD.

The whole theory about vaccinations being the culprit came from a study in 1998 that was released in the British Medical Journal with 12 kids with behavioral problems that developed intestinal problems from vaccines. They made a correlation that maybe it was something in the vaccine for Measles, Mumps and Rubella. 

Originally it was thought that autism was mainly from the brain, we now find that there are three components of autism. They are the brain, immune system, the intestinal track. It’s not uncommon that these children have intestinal disorders—maybe they are constipated or have certain food sensitivities that irritate their stomachs. Autism is now being related as a immune, neurological, and inflammatory disorder. Being that glutathione is the major anti inflammatory agent, inflammation very well can be the component associated with low glutathione in Autism.


It has been discovered that there are vulnerable genes that in combination with the right environmental triggers do not allow the child to stay healthy. Is this an outgrowth of increased pollution and toxins in our food and air? If the child has a genetic disposition, then under the right environmental factors (or shall we say unhealthy factors) autism appears. These genetic variants are called Polymorphisms. When theses genes are affected they disturb fundamental pathways in the body and the end result of autism is chronic inflammation through out the brain, digestive and the immune system.

The good news is that inflammation is treatable. In the studies that have been done the correlation between low glutathione levels and autism is staggering. Dr. Daria suggests that you simply google “autism and low glutathione” and you’ll find many references to attest to this fact.

Jill James PhD. at the  Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute where she is the director of the Metabolic Genomics Austin Lab and also she is the professor for pediatrics at the same institute.  In an article published in New Science of Health Sept of 09 page 75, she states that “children with Autism do not make as much of a compound called glutathione as nero-typical children do. Glutathione is the cells most abundant antioxidant and is critical for removing toxins. If cells lack sufficient antioxidants they experience oxidative stress which is often found with chronic inflammation.”

The mitochondria use oxygen to help make ATP, but if the cell is deficient in glutathione the cell senses this and diminishes the production of ATP which will diminish the functioning of that cell—whatever its purpose.
In American Journal of Medical Genetics in 2006 Jill James found that common genes variants that support glutathione pathways may be associated with Autism risks. Jill James says “We also plan to look at mitochondria dysfunctions. Since mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells, this is also the place where the most free radicals are that play a role in oxidative stress are produced. If the electron transport chain in a mitochondria is faulty and you are not effectively making ATP. You’ll produce more free radicals to deplete your glutathione.” If this hypothesis is correct we can do things to try to support the health of the mitochondria. She mentions Co-enzyme Q10 and mechanism to increase glutathione.


In December of 2006 Harvard researchers found that industrial chemicals maybe impairing the brain development of children around the world. In November 2006 in University of California conference they discussed the implications of a environmental toxicology in Autism. They discussed the enormous effect of chemicals in our environment and how little we know of the “chronic low dose multiple exposure and their effects on diseases like Autism.” Maybe the many autism cases we are seeing are a new illness of the current generation.

The researcher says, “We can address the disturbed pathways now before the gene hunters have definitive information” for only twenty or thirty thousand of the 85,000 chemicals made have been studied. “We can at the very least try to modulate Autism now by treating the tissue inflammation.  This is something that can be done now rather than wait decades for all the studies to be completed and by then who knows—there may be another 50,000 chemicals to be studied.

There’s a question about the Fragile X syndrome. Fragile X is a genetic predisposition to some neuro problems. Some are similar to Autism, but generally not the same, some are related to retardation. It has to do with the problem being carried on the male chromosome.  Boys get one x chromosome from their mom and the y from their dad. Female child get x from both. Fragile X is more common to be seen in a boy cause they have one x. Girls have 2 so if one is good they will never get Fragile X. Two to six percent of all children diagnosed with Autism also have a Fragile X gene mutation and approximately 1/3 of all children with Fragile X also have Autism meaning there’s good reason to deal with inflammation.

For children with Autism we have to help them control their diet, the environmental toxins and do what we can to boost glutathione.  Diet generally means gluten and or casein free. It’s based on the theory that children with autism are more likely to have allergies to gluten (the protein in wheat, oats, barley and rye) and casein (the protein in milk).

Unfortunately most children with these allergies are drawn to foods with gluten—especially junk foods– and foods with casein in them, making a change challenging for some families. If you google “King Diet,” you’ll find a diet for parasite sufferers. Ironically it’s an anti-inflammatory diet and will work wonders with inflammation. It’s a three stage diet with Stage I being devoid of any milk or casein products. For the most part Stage II can be employed for Autism minus the casein products.  Later on, one can be advanced to Stage III (again minus the casein unless casein is not a problem.) The other advantage is that this diet is rich in foods that contribute to the cellular production of glutathione.

Environmental toxins are not so easy to always “nail down” and most likely will take some research and testing.
Whereas most children under age 20 have enough glutathione, those with Autism have a problem with the mitochondria that uses up too muchglutathione and they simply don’t have enough glutathione. 

In summary, inflammation plays an important role in Autism and and Fragile X, and glutathione is the major anti inflammatory agent and anti toxin agent in the cellular mechanism. Genetically there is a predisposition for certain children to be subject to certain environmental/food toxins which cause the mitochondria to produce more free radicals than normal which in turn uses up the cellular glutathione resulting in insufficient production of ATP.  There is a strong correlation between children with Autism and Fragile X and the lack of glutathione. It makes sense to do whatever can be done to boost cellular levels of glutathione.

Information taken from Dr. Daria’s weekly calls at
Resource Box:
Richard Kuhns has been writing for the internet for over three years.

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More than just a products company, Healthy Home is committed to fulfilling our mission to make the home a healthier place by taking a stand against the products and chemicals that are harming our families.


It only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals from the products you use in your home to enter the bloodstream through your skin.
There over 80,000 chemicals in use in the US alone, thousands of which are banned overseas.
Our children are at risk. Babies are born with 200 chemicals coursing through their veins. Studies have found more than 287 chemicals linked to issues like birth defects, developmental delays, toxicity and even cancer.
The cosmetics industry is self-regulated and over 1,000 chemicals in cosmetics sold in the U.S. are banned in Europe alone.
That’s why we’re gearing up to Take on the Toxic Titans…but we need your help!

On Monday, November 10th, Healthy Home will be launching our all-new national branding and awareness campaign to take the fight to the streets with a powerful set of tools and training to “Trash the Toxins.”


Email us at to become part of our ToxicFree® Team.

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Take advantage of becoming a member, getting this fantastic bundle, expriencing the effects of ToxicFree® products and for an amazing prize.  And because you obtained a membership along with this bundle, you will now be able to enjoy any of out products at member pricing for a full year!

Fall is here and flu season is riding in on its coattails. Be prepared at home, work and on the go with our Flu Defense Bundle to help keep your family healthy through the holidays!

This us perfect for everyone, but especially if you deal with the public, are a teacher, go to the gym, work at a day care, you name it!


Bundle Includes:
1 4oz Sanitizer Home & Hand
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1 OneBodē Chew-C
1 Complimentary 1oz Sanitizer Home & Hand

To purchase now visit

Feel fee tp shoot me any questions, but you better hurry all good things come to an end!

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Celebrating cruelty-free


We’re excited to announce that our Healthy Home branded products have received recognition from the Leaping Bunny Program!

The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program is internationally recognized by their Leaping Bunny Logo, which is awarded to companies who produce cruelty-free cosmetic, personal care and household products. The Leaping Bunny Program provides the best assurance that no animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories or suppliers.

Visit for more information.

#crueltyfree #toxicfree #organic #csr

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Don’t miss the next installment of ToxicFreeTuesday!



Team up with Bill & Brittany Glynn, founders of the Healthy Home Company, Tuesday night as they invite you into their home via webcast to learn more about our cause—taking on the Toxic Titans!

Healthy Home is launching a national branding and membership campaign to help you take the fight to the streets with an all-new set of tools and training. Our next ToxicFree® Tuesday is tomorrow, October 28th. After that we will be back every other Tuesday!

Go to to register now for tomorrow’s webcast at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT

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Keep Spiders at bay- The All-Natural Way


baby spiders

It’s that time of year. Spiders are looking for a cozy place to snuggle in for the winter and lay their eggs. If you don’t want that place to be your home, it’s time to do something to keep them away!

Not only did we not want pesticides inside of our home—it turns out pesticides aren’t very successful for killing spiders. In fact, experts say unless the chemical is directly sprayed on the spider it won’t kill it. Spiders simply walk over it.

There is one thing spiders hate, though—essential oils!

For an all-natural way to repel spiders and other insects this winter mix 5-10 drops of Neem oil and 5-10 drops of peppermint oil. Add 1 squirt of toxin-free dish detergent and fill the rest of your recycled spray bottle with warm water. Shake well.

Spray the mixture in any and all cracks in doors, window frames and any other areas of your home where you’ve seen spiders—including your baseboards!

Spraying cotton balls with the mixture is also effective and allows you to inconspicuously leave them around your house. I have a fear of spiders in my bed, so I leave cotton balls with peppermint oil around the bottom of the bed frame hidden under the bed skirt.

This is safe with children and most pets. Certain essential oils can be dangerous for cats so do your research.  You may need to put your animals up while treating your home.

Reblogged from visit their blog for other articles.

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