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Have you had a Hangout with your gut lately?

Did you know that good health starts with proper digestion and good digestion?

I bet you did not need me to tell you that though, because you are smart and already knew that!  But I bet you did not know that what make proper digestion possible are enzymes…

But why are enzymes so important?

They help break down everything we consume into its smallest components for our cells to absorb and use.  They help the body digest food and assimilate nutrients from proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and plant fibers. In addition, enzymes assist in all chemical reactions taking place in our body; including the regeneration of cells/tissues and the elimination of waste products/toxins as well as supporting our immune system. In a nutshell, enzymes make things happen! (Natural News)

According to Dr. Edward Howell, pioneer of Enzyme Therapy:

“Enzymes are substances that make life possible. They are needed for every chemical reaction that takes place in the human body. Without enzymes, no activity at all would take place. Neither vitamins, minerals, nor hormones can do any work without enzymes”.

I asked you if you had a hangout with your gut lately?  If your answer was “I DON’T KNOW” or “WHAT THE…” well that means No and you need to join us for this very special hangout where Sean and Tylene Loomer founders of OneBodē and now Advisors with Healthy Home.

sean and tylene hangout


They have created products such as FLO- made with the highest grades of whole food nutrients, Flo contains digestive-supporting probiotic enzymes. By supporting a healthy digestive system, you promote overall health through thorough absorption of nutrients. The heat used to cook, process and pasteurize foods can deactivate some naturally occurring enzymes, stressing and overwhelming your digestive system. Non-GMO Flo contains a variety of vegetarian enzymes and probiotics to counteract the discomfort, uneasiness, over-full feeling and disruption to bowel movements caused by digestive stress.  Follow your gut instincts and let these experts in plant based enzymes clue you in on why your health begins with, well…. your gut!

You will not want to miss this awesome hangout with Sean and Tylene hosted by our good friend George Schmidt Wednesday, August 27 at 8:00 PM ET / 5 PM PT
Follow this link to access the hangout:

To check out Flo and the other enzyme based products feel free to check out  Hope to see you tomorrow!

Perla Middleton

Perla Middleton
Founding Member
Healthy Home Company

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Did you miss hanging out?

No worries, there are 2 more opportunities today!


Yep, that’s our leader! LOL More Google Hangouts TONIGHT! Join us…


9:00 PM ET / 6 PM PT
Brig Hart & Kate Strickland with Catherine and Jimmy Reese.
Use this link to access the hangout:

10:00 PM ET / 7 PM PT
Brig Hart with Angela Hoff via conference call.
Use this link to access the hangout:

As always, if you like what you hear and want to join this movement,  get back with me so I can we can chat.

Perla Middleton,  Founding Member
Healthy Home Company

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Time for Tuesday Trivia

Time for Tuesday Trivia!  Click here and answer Healthy Home Company’s question of the day for the chance to win a bottle of lotion!  Check out the rest of our product line at


Perla Middleton, Founding Member
Healthy Home Company

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Like hanging out? Hangout with us!

There are TWO Healthy Hangouts tonight and we’d love to have you and your teams join us! This is also a wonderful opportunity to share information about Healthy Home, toxin-free living and much more with your friends and prospects.

  • EVENTS -

8:00 PM ET / 5 PM PT
• Join Brig Hart & Bill Glynn with Tyler & Michelle Lebens. Use this link to access the hangout:

9:00 PM ET / 6 PM PT
• Brig Hart & Bill Glynn with David and Heather Warden. Use this link to access the hangout:

Like what you hear? PM, email or call me after the hangout to connect and chat a bit further.

Perla Middleton, Founding Member


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Last time I checked most of us wear deodorant…

In general everyone I know wears deoderant of some kind.. Before reading about ours I challenge all of you to go to and look up your brand under the Skin Deep section to see how it rates.. My guess most likely an”F”, for various reasons like skin allergies, ingredients that disrupt hormones or even worse, ones that are linked to causing cancer.

Some may say ahh it’s only a very small amount but did you know that the underarm region has a 100% absorption rate (meaning anything you put in that are of the body will be 100% absorbed into the skin) and it only takes 26 seconds for anything especially toxic chemicals to be absorbed into your body through the skin. Makes you wonder if that tiny bit of toxic deoderant may have a bigger impact than you may think! Have you stopped to think why so many cases of breast cancer? All I ask is that you be an educated consumer and do some research and make educated purchases.


With Healthy Home Deodorant, you can raise your hand without hesitation, knowing you’re fresh and smell great!

Deodorant, for men and women, is a non-aerosol spray deodorant that is free from dangerous chemicals like aluminum, glycols and sulfates that are found in many other deodorants and antiperspirants. Instead, Deodorant is made with organic, Ecocert, ToxicFree®, and natural ingredients including naturally derived deodorizers.

For more information, visit:

Perla Middleton
Founding Member, Healthy Home

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You eat clean but…


What we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on our bodies, so go ahead and make the change! Replace products that cause a whole host of problems, from cancer to autism, to disrupt hormones and much more!

Make your selections here

Perla Middleton
Founding Member, Healthy Home

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Step out on faith and listen in, Saturday Aug. 23 at 12pm EST

If you enjoy sharing your passion with others, caring for people, making a difference in people’s lives, helping them to be their best then this webinar is for you. If you want to see the world change for the better and want to be involved as a part of the change, this is for you. If you want to make your own home a healthier place to raise your family this is for you!!! Let’s just say this is for EVERYONE!!! No matter what field of work you do, what place you are in your life, how low or how high you may be right now….This is for YOU!!!! Join us Saturday and get motivated with me to want more than out of this wonderful gift of life, and let’s see your best self start to come out let your gifts shine for the world to see. Take the step out on faith and listen in to what could possibly be a life changing moment for all who attend!!!


Register here, secure your spot asap…record numbers already achieved!

Also can call in (call in early lines fill up fast)!
Phone- 646.307.1722
Access Code- 417-967-267

Perla Middleton
Founding Member, Healthy Home

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2 Retailers, 1 awesome set of giveaways! Hurry it ends Sept, 5th!

Bellies, Babies & Ballerinas and, A Healthy Home, affiliate are joining forces to bring you 3 awesome giveaways.

hhc and bbb
 Visit Bellies, Babies & Ballerinas starting today and culminating at the  September 5th Tate of Statesboro Downtown Development Authority’s First Friday.  Enter to win one of the 3 amazing bundles listed below.

The Healthy Home Company products are formulated with organic, all natural, and toxic free ingredients, and sold to members at competitive retail prices. Since the mission of Healthy Home is to make the home a healthier place to raise a family, it was only natural that we join forces with a family run business in our home town to run promotions and bring you the best in Certified Toxic Free products. We are a trusted resource for personal health, household and body care products made with organic, Ecocert and ToxicFree® ingredients. A business opportunity for those who use and enjoy our products and want to share them with friends and family. We also reward customers not only for their purchases, but for the purchases of those they refer too, for as long as they continue to make purchases. And lastly, we are a community of like-minded individuals who want to share information with others about toxic-free living. So how about checking us out at

Bellies, Babies and Ballerinas is located at 43 East Main Street Statesboro, GA

Their hours of operation are as follows:

Monday: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Tuesday: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Wednesday: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Thursday: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Friday: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM – 4:00PM

They carry a selection of maternity, children’s clothing and dancewear. Stop in today for expecting and new mothers clothing, breastfeeding supplies, baby shower gifts and more. Don’t miss our monthly clothing specials!

Their inventory includes:

  • Nursing supplies
  • Maternity wear
  • Baby shower gifts (Diaper Bags, Hair accessories, blankets, Christening items and gifts and more!)
  • Children and Adult dancewear
  • Educational toys

So stop by and check them out at First Friday (or anytime this week – up until Friday, September 5th), and enter to win your bundle of choice.

for babies and bellies promo 3b


for babies and bellies promo 1b


for babies and bellies promo 2b


For more information on any of these products/bundles, visit or swing by Bellies, Babies and Ballerinas is located at 43 East Main Street Statesboro, GA to sample the products and to grab a catalog.


Perla Middleton
Founding Member
Healthy Home Company

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Don’t let Toledo happen to you… HHC has Water filtration/Purification Systems

don't be this guy 2So for those of you who may have had had your head in the clouds or have been watching too much Big Brother and not enough prime time news.  NEWSFLASH!
Toledo’s drinking-water crisis traces a bad trend line on algae’s toxic blooms, and they are not the only ones who have this problem, there has been much speculation that there are other towns being in line for this type of disaster.   Meanwhile, the people of Toledo and surrounding areas are being urged to limit  showers, laundry and dishwashing, and forgo car-washing at home altogether, to reduce demand on the city’s water system as it undergoes further decontamination and repair.

Time magazine wrote-

“Some lake! Industrial wastes from Detroit’s auto companies, Toledo’s steel mills and the paper plants in Erie, Pa., have helped turn Lake Erie into a gigantic cesspool. Of 62 beaches along its U.S. shores, only three are rated completely safe for swimming. Even wading is unpleasant; as many as 30,000 sludge worms carpet each square yard of lake bottom.  Commercial and game fish — blue pike, whitefish, sturgeon, northern pike — have nearly vanished, yielding the waters to trash fish that need less oxygen. Weeds proliferate, turning water frontage into swamp. In short, Lake Erie is in danger of dying by suffocation.”  

algae - toledo - glass

Other locations which have been previously affected areas and have prompted closed lake beaches or led to swimming advisories from Lake Red Rock, Iowa, Vermont’s Lake Champlain to Dorena Reservoir in Oregon and from Florida’s Caloosahatchee River to Wisconsin’s Lake Menomin, so none of us are immune.  The website Toxic Algae News tracks blooms nationwide (check the map to see how your state’s water and watering holes rate). Here’s its latest map. Red pins in a state mean harmful algal blooms recur annually in “many” lakes; orange pins mean they recur in one or two lakes.

I do not know about you, but I love my showers, I love clean laundry and I love to clean my dishes.  Bottled water has been dispersed for those being affected by the algae issue to mitigate the drinking water dilemma however, that being said, a whole other host of problems are created by the bottled water and their industry.  Eric Holthaus wrote:

“For starters, if you put all 30 billion plastic water bottles purchased in America in 2011 end-to-end, it would stretch to the moon and back seven times. We’ve all seen the documentaries showing what happens to most of that plastic. (Spoiler: It never, ever, goes away.) What’s more, we burn 17 million barrels of oil just to package up water this way (enough to power a million cars for a year), not to mention the amount we use to truck those little bottles around. (Many of which are just filled with purified tap water, anyway.)”

Recently MindBodyGreen, (0ne of my favorite sites),  posted an article called “7 Reasons To Never Drink Bottled Water Again“.  In it they cite the following reasons:

  1. Plastic bottles are not sustainable, no matter what we’ve been told.
  2. Most bottled water is glorified tap water at 10,000 times the cost.
  3. Many bottled waters contain toxins, even if they’ve nixed BPA.
  4. Fashion, foodies, and sustainable cities are taking back the tap. (minus freak algae issues, this comment I added)
  5. Local water is the new complement to local, organic food.
  6. There ARE gorgeous alternatives for on-the-go hydrophiles!
  7. Change is simple—and makes a real difference!

Thankfully Healthy Home now has The EWS Spectrum whole home water filtration and conditioning system.  This system provides chlorine-free, filterespectrum-contractord water to every sink and shower throughout your home. With this system, you can enjoy filtered water from any tap in your house, plus remove cancer-causing and endocrine disrupting chemicals from the water you use to bathe, cook and clean.

Chemicals are absorbed into the body in mere seconds. The chemicals from your water when you shower, wash your face and brush your teeth are no different. The EWS Spectrum prevents you from absorbing and inhaling contaminants, improving your entire home’s water quality. Not only will you and your family enjoy the health benefits of drinking containment-free water, but your body will feel the health benefits too. Filtering out chemicals and contaminants that cause dry, brittle hair and flaky skin will help skin and hair become soft and healthy.

This system is available to most homes on city tap water without the need for any additional filters or equipment. The EWS Spectrum filter only has to be replaced once every ten years—that’s an entire decade of clean, filtered water for you and your family!

Top 8 Benefits of The EWS Spectrum:

  1. Chlorine-free, filtered water to every sink and shower.
  2. Protects you and your family from drinking, absorbing and inhaling carcinogenic (cancer-causing) water pollutants.
  3. Hassle-free, self-cleaning, user-friendly appliance that only requires a filtration media change-out up to every 10 years.
  4. Alleviate symptoms of asthma and allergies by providing chlorine-free filtered water for showering and humidifiers.
  5. Eliminates the need for most sink filtration systems and the gimmicks of small showerhead and faucet filters, refrigerator filters, and carafe or pitcher filters.
  6. Stops the destructive effects of chlorine—dry skin, brittle hair, skin irritations, and red itchy eyes.
  7. Eliminates the need for expensive plastic bottles of water, which helps your budget and the planet.
  8. Unparalleled customer service, satisfaction, and expertise—at EWS, top-performing USA-made filtration is all they do.

We also have the Essential Drinking Water System, this system isn’t just about taste. It provides true protection from toxic contaminants. With quick and easy installation, the Essential Drinking Water System allows your family to enjoy chlorine-free, filtered water straight from your faucet with minimal maintenance.  With the highest quality carbon filtration available, this system protects you from chloramine (chlorine and ammonia compound), chlorine, THMs, VOCs, pesticides, lead, cysts, rust, silt, sediment, bacteria and viruses, and more.

Benefits of EWS Water Filtration Systems:

Save Moneyessential-install

  • Save $200 to $700 per year, per person.
  • The average American consumes 167 disposable plastic bottles of water a year, which amounts to over 50 billion plastic bottles and over $15 billion dollars.

Limit Exposure

  • There are more than 80,000 chemicals used in the United States each year and many of them can be found in your tap water.
  • Tap water and water bottles water both contain contaminants like chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, THMS, pesticides, hormones, lead pharmaceuticals and more.
  • Bottled water also contains hormone-disrupting phthalates that leach from the plastic bottles.
  • Bottled water is not regulated and over 22% is contaminated with chemicals above Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) limits.
  • Filtered water limits your exposure to cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting chemicals.

Good for the Environment

  • Over 50 billion plastic bottles are used each year and only 13% of these bottles are recycled.
  • Every bottle that is thrown out with a little bit of water in it is adding up. It is estimated that 1 billion gallons of fresh water are trapped in landfill bottles.

So what better way to pay homage to the earth, get safer drinking water, stop spending tons yearly on something that is not biodegradable, pollutes our environment, is not safe and can

Perla Middleton
Founding Member
Healthy Home Company

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SHAME on the FDA for taking 40 years to investigate Triclosan! I take matters into my own hands…

Colgate-Palmolive Removed This Potentially Harmful Chemical From Its Soap Products
But It’s Still In Your Toothpaste

Shame on you toothpaste brands for hiding Triclosan in the “Preservative” Ingredient category

Colgate removes Triclosan from a lot of their products, but yet it remains in their toothpaste! A big reason is because “the FDA “relies on company-backed science to show products are safe and effective,” according to the Bloomberg story. This means that instead of having independent, third-party researchers determine the effectiveness and safety of a given product, the FDA often accepts research studies funded by the company that is trying to seek approval.”

Shame on the FDA also for not having investigated this in a timely fashion.  “The FDA has never issued a comprehensive ruling on triclosan’s effectiveness and safety — even though it originally said it would look into triclosan in 1974. That was two years before “the U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976, which aimed to comprehensively regulate chemicals, grandfathered in existing substances with no safety testing,” Bloomberg notes. Now the FDA says it will issue a ruling on triclosan in 2016.  REALLY 40 years?  40 years? This infuriates me! It is known that triclosan has been linked to cancer-cell growth, it could disrupt the endocrine system, and has disrupted development in animals. According to the NRDC – Triclosan has been associated with lower levels of thyroid hormone and testosterone, which could result in altered behavior, learning disabilities, or infertility. Triclocarban has been shown to artificially amplify the effects of sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, which could promote the growth of breast and prostate cancer.



You can read the full article here.

If this is not lining your pockets I don’t know that is. STOP GIVING YOUR MONEY to these toxic giants, who do not care about YOU or your health, they care about the profit margins. The Natural Resources Defense Council, or NRDC said it best when they said “Is even a small potential risk worth it, when the benefits seem to be small-to-none? That is my question to you??! Give our toothpaste a try?

The Healthy Home Toothpaste is made from organic, EcoCert and ToxicFree® ingredients. It features antioxidant-rich Maqui berry and stabilized oxygen to whiten teeth naturally while helping prevent gum disease and cavities. Free from harmful ingredients like fluoride, sulfate, silica, triclosan and titanium dioxide, Toothpaste is safe for the whole family. Flavored with refreshing peppermint and sweetened with xylitol (which is known for its low glycemic impact and preferred by dentists), Toothpaste will help give your family a brighter, whiter smile.

To delve a bit further on #Xylitol- This ingredient has over 40 years of research and thousands of studies confirming its effectiveness and safety.  Xylitol is one of the newest, easiest and tastiest ways that people can fight cavities. Research done in widely different conditions confirms that xylitol use significantly reduces reduces tooth decay rates both in high-risk groups. So my question to you is triclosan or xylitol?

If you choose the latter- find by following this link



Perla Middleton
Founding Member
Healthy Home Company

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